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Tell us about your box.

Check all that apply

I have a 4:3 (standard) aspect ratio television.
I have a standard display now but plan on purchasing a 16:9 (widscreen) display in the near future.
I have a 16:9 (widescreen) display.
I use S-Video connections
I use component connections.

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DVD Viewing Screen Size

What size display(s) are you watching DVD with?

25" or under direct view
27"-35" direct view
40" - 80" RPTV
81" - 120" Front projection
121"+ Front projection

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Warner's New Policy

What's your feeling on Warner's decision to release their $14.98 titles in 4:3 only?

This is Warner's first big mistake. I will only purchase titles that are 16X9 enhanced and in their original theatrical aspect ratios. I'd rather pay more and get more. I hope they reconsider.
At $14.98, I'm not complaining. Bring 'em on, Warner!
I personally will NOT buy any, but I expect that many others will.
I might be willing to support Full Frame Open Matte -- but I'll never purchase a Pan & Scan version!!

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DVD Packaging Showdown

What's your DVD packaging preference?

Amaray-style KEEPCASE
Warner-style SNAPPER
Either one is fine - NO PREFERENCE

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DVD's Pet Peeves

What's your biggest pet peeve about DVD?

Poorly placed RSDL breaks.
Pan & Scan and/or two-sided (flipper) titles.
Not enough DVD rental locations nearby.
Delayed or canceled titles previously announced by studios
Shortage of titles that I want to rent or buy.

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DVD Startup Preferences

What's the first thing you want to see on DVD when you press play?

The studio logo then directly into the main feature
The copyright warnings and then the feature
The copyright warnings and then the main menu.
The main menu.
The theatrical trailer

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Which studio wins the golden bone-head award?

Which studio do you view with the most contempt and tend to shy away from when making purchase decisions?

Disney, for not providing 16x9 transfers and for lying about equal parity with Divx release dates and a ho-hum slate of titles, considering their library.
Paramount for pulling the 16x9 enhanced rug out from under us and holding back on better titles that we should have begun to see by now.
Fox for lack of 16x9 support, and for holding back some great titles in favor of some of the worst upcoming titles that I've ever (not) heard of.
Madacy for producing the cheapest, worst-looking and sounding DVD's on the market.

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16:9 Enhanced DVD authoring -- Is it important?

How important are 16:9-enhanced transfers?

Extremely important - I wish all DVD's were 16:9-enhanced. C'mon studios! Get with the program!
I really don't care as long as the picture is detailed and clear
It's not important to me now, but might be in the future if I buy a widescreen TV.
I'm unsure what 16:9-enhanced or anamorphic means.

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LD vs. DVD poll

Do you own a laserdisc player?

No, but I might buy one.
No. I have no interest in buying one.
Yes, but I'm more interested in buying DVD titles.
Yes, and I purchase both LD and DVD titles.
Yes, and I haven't yet purchased a DVD player.

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DVD Purchase Priorities

Which has the greatest impact on your DVD buying decisions?

Image & sound quality
Movie title
Extras (trailers, commentaries, featurettes, etc.)

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DTS vs. DD 5.1

How Do You Feel About DTS?

I prefer DTS to Dolby Digital 5.1
I'm satisfied with Dolby Digital 5.1
I may add DTS, eventually
I have no interest in DTS whatsoever.
What is DTS?

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Typical Number of DVD's Owned by TBP's Visitors

How many DVD's do you own?


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DVD Studio Quality Report

Which DVD-supporting studio is making the highest-quality discs?

Warner Brothers
Columbia Tri-Star

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DVD Video vs. DVD-ROM

Are DVD-ROM's being purchased for the sake of watching movies?

I use a DVD-ROM for movie playback.
I use a standalone DVD player only.
I use both a DVD-ROM and a standalone player.
I currently own a standalone player but plan on purchasing DVD-ROM within the next six months
I have a DVD-ROM, but I plan on purchasing a standalone DVD player in the next six months

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