And the rest

The music & research staff consisted of Terry Danner, Steve Behm and the enduring Annette Lai. Interns included Laura Moreno, Diane Kegley and Angela Pirelli that went on to become some big-wheel PD somewhere. Kim Crow was also one of my all-time favorite producers along with Laura Moreno. I put both on the air every once in awhile. I was going through an old sport coat that I no longer fit into in 2002 that I was getting ready to donate, and found a letter from Kim saying how much she enjoyed working with me after she had left for greener pastures. That was a sweet gesture and all these years later, made me smile.

Over the years, Promotions were handled by Sharon Rosenbush, Linda McArthur, Katie Eyerly (pictured right) and Lucy Allen.

Our Business Manager was Rivi DiRiviera. Very New York, that woman. Since Rivi knew how much was available in the budget for payroll, she'd "suggest" that I ask for ore than I was planning to during most of my annual contract negotiations so I could receive more than I thought I could get away with. She must've thought I was cute or something. Anyway, thanks, Rivi! Power to the people!

The Traffic Department was handled by Yvette Lopez, then Norma Davidson.

The accounting department was run by Nemia Demesa and Dollie Saguisag. Dollie's son, Chris, e-mailed to let me know that Dollie passed away from pancreatic cancer September 1, 2004. Said Chris: "Mom had always said that some of her best years were working with the family that was KYUU, and that the DJs (Don, Rick, you) were some of the nicest people she knew." Dollie was a sweetheart and will be missed by all who knew her.

Joanne Lee did Continuity, continuously.

The Personnel Director was briefly Elena Facciola who was succeeded by Judy Honn. Kitty Herzog took over when Judy got smart and split.