The Facilities

The original station address was 1700 Montgomery Street and shared facilities with KNBR. On March 15, 1982, the airstaff joined sales at the new facility at 530 Bush Street. The rent cost NBC over $35,000 a month, I was told. But at least we were in the first solar-powered building in San Francisco. Big whoop-de-do. I think that only included the hot water. There was a neat art gallery downstairs that my sister worked in before I came to work for the station (small world) and at the corner of Stockton and Bush, the immortal Dragon Burger graced the entrance to Chinatown. Dragon Burger had the best damn french fries I've ever had before -- or since. Dragon Burger, with it's loud Chinese proprietor who spoke broken English closed its doors before KYUU did. They lost their lease to make room for another Mrs. Fields. Ugh. The Palm restaurant opened its doors a year or two before KYUU stopped serving up the hits. The characature portraits of at least Don Bleu, Rick Shaw and Jeff McNeal made it up on the walls with other San Francisco icons like Herb Caen, Diane Feinstein and others, until the wood shavings blew off the floors, the walls whitewashed, and the Palm Cafe closed for business in the early 90's. Everything great on that block just faded away into the fog.