When NBC divested itself from radio ownership, KYUU was purchased and systematically dismantled by Emmis, who changed the format and call letters and then sold the failed KXXX a.k.a. X-100 to Peter Bedford, a real estate developer who in turn failed and sold the station to Alliance Broadcasting, run by none other than John P. Hayes Jr. There was rampant speculation that John was going to ressurect the old KYUU call letters, format and air staff, but the only one not buying into that concept was John -- and yours truly. We even joked about it at one point. We both agreed that KYUU occupied a very special place and time -- and that there could be no going back. Times have changed. Alliance sold the station to Infinity. 99.7 FM is now the home of KFRC, ironically, the same call letters of the RKO AM that we defeated so soundly in the '80's.

There is literally no chance for any KYUU on-air reunions. At least not in San Francisco. Another guy emailed me and told me the calls are being used in Liberal, Kansas. The office and air staff of KYUU held three reunions over a five year period after the station changed hands. The first couple were at the Palm Cafe a few doors up on Bush, which folded, too. Even if an on-air reunion was possible (though clearly not feasible), it just wouldn't be the same without midday mainstay Rick Shaw. The impromptu staff reunions served as testament to the genuine affection the staff felt for one another, and yielded a bittersweet reminder of the brief, shining moment in time when we each played a part in shaping the greatest radio station in San Francisco during the 1980's.

I hope you enjoy the memories as much as I do.