The Weekenders

Weekenders included (pictured at left) Frank "Blowfish" Kelly (Frank Vanella). Frank passed away on August 6, 2003 at the age of 50. Eerily, I learned of Frank's death exactly one year to the day that it ocurred (without knowing it at the time), after something compelled me to intensify my search to track him down after losing touch in mid 2003. I didn't find out the exact date that Frank passed away until several days after a mutual acquaintance confirmed my fears. Steve Behm got in touch and informed me of the date that Frank died via e-mail. I was stunned at the notion that of all days, the anniversary of his death would be the day that I would finally learn of his fate. Some may consider this simply coincidental -- a one in 365 chance -- but the spiritual side of me wonders... On a personal note, Frank had been a good and loyal friend to me in the years after our work together at KYUU, mentoring me in the steps necessary to start my own production company. Other noteworthy weekenders included Craig Roberts, Bobby Ocean -- who filled afternoon drive briefly after my departure and before the station changed hands -- Ron Castro who went on to become captain of his own ship as a station owner in Santa Rosa, CA, the quirky, yet gifted Mike Rey, who also handled production and produced some great station promos (which I'll try to track down), Leoni Wong, Mimi Chen, who was rumored to be dating Chris Isaak at the time of her employment (turns out they were married), sex therapist Don Chamberlain, sex therapist Freda Perat who had a curious foreign accent, Chuck Finney, Aldy Swanson, whom I mercilessly taunted for no good reason whenever he filled in for Gil, Julie Walberg, the silk-voiced Jay Ginsberg, an affable fellow who walked into the hellstorm that accompanied the transition from NABET board ops to combo... and Dana Michaels who we all referred to as "Doobie-Doodle". Come to think of it, Dana even had one full-time book in between Jack Friday and Steve Behm. She was a nice kid, but nobody could figure out why she was working here. I last heard Dana somewhere in Nevada while sipping a sasparilla in a Virginia City saloon. "That's Doobie-Doodle!" I yelled. This list is by no means complete. If you worked weekends at KYUU and I forgot to include you, please email me, unless of course, you'd rather just forget about the whole experience.