The Sales Managers

Jack McSorley was the General Sales Manager. We referred to him as Jack "McSorehead" because he'd come upstairs with a baseball bat if any spots were missed. Terry DeVoto was Local Sales Manager before becoming GM. After DeVoto Became General Manager, Bob Barnett became Manager of New Business Development. Sadly, Bob passed away from AIDS some years back. Bob (pictured at right) was well-liked and respected by everyone on the staff. Jim Scalise was also a Sales Mananger. I believe that Jerry Sellers was promoted to something at one time or another, but I can't remember what. Flight Commander, maybe. Jerry's nickname was "the astronaut", because he looked and sounded like one. No space suits or anything, it was just an attitude. Personally, I think he would have made a fine astronaut, then congressman, if that's what he had chosen to do instead of radio sales. Right on, Jerry! Over and out!