The General Managers

The General Managers were John P. Hayes Jr. and Terry DeVoto, who succeeded Hayes after his ill-fated foray into the New York market and hellish domain of Howard Stern, who dubbed Hayes "The Incubus". Shortly after Hayes hit New York, he hired San Francisco comedienne and long-time radio presence Jane Dornacker to do traffic reports from a helicopter, at the suggestion of Ric Lippincott. In the following, sobering clip, we hear Jane's last traffic report, which tragically, culminated in her death -- the chopper pilot however, survived. A shaken Joey Reynolds searches for the right words to say in the tense moments after the transmission breaks off. Between dealing with Stern and grappling with this horrible accident, Hayes must have wished he'd never left San Francisco. Ah well, at least he was able to come back eventually. Others weren't as fortunate.
Tragedy On The Air: Jane Dornacker, October 22, 1986

Executive Secretaries were Janice Braff, Julia Morris and Ruth Ann Laviolette. Ruth Ann was such a sweetheart that I believe she is still working at 99.7FM to this day. Got a nice note from Julia as a result of this page. Hadn't heard from her in years. Cool.